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A directory of quality assured hyperlocal, services is essential for the execution of any self-care and preventative strategy. 

Currently, there are too many service directories with services being duplicated many times.  Directories cost too much money to maintain and can cause confusion amongst frontline users and citizens.

Which is right?  A local service may be relevant to well-being, special education needs, long-term conditions, re-enablement, victims of crime, community health and, other needs.   Each service surfaced through a different targeted and well-intentioned website.

In an all-encompassing single directory, it is difficult to see the wood for the trees as services are aligned to generic categories.  Searching many different directories to identify what suitable services are available, can be time-consuming.  Results can be conflicting.   For administrators, providing service information to many different directories causes significant overhead, and has the potential to proliferate inaccuracy.

Directory of Services that collects, assures and approves information once, then uses that many times in different contexts will save time and money and reduce uncertainty regarding which to select. 

Social Prescriber: Frontline

Social prescribing enables GPs, Nurses, Well-being coordinators and other frontline or primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, nonclinical services. Putting the person and the place, irrespective of any administrative boundaries, together to improve health and well-being.

There is growing recognition that people’s health is determined by a range of physical, social, economic and environmental factors. Social prescribing seeks to support people’s assessed needs in a new model of care for greater control of their own health with access to non-statutory hyper-local services.

     Confidently prescribe to patient needs

     Personalised services from Place-based DoS

     Step down individual needs to self-care

     Record level of need & access outcomes

     Intelligently find appropriate services

     Monitor impact of social prescription

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